The William E. Norris Elementary School in Southampton, Massachusetts.

You can visit our weblog site -- The Electronic Pencil - to read, listen and view some of the work done by our talented sixth graders throughout the course of the year.

Looking for a supply list for sixth grade? Check out the letter sent home.

Mr. Hodgson is available via email.

Mr. Hodgson believes:

  • The act of writing is an important way for students to learn by processing their ideas into coherent and organized form;
  • Writing should be done across various curriculum areas and not be taught in isolation;
  • Students should write for various audiences; At times, they may write just for themselves, for the classroom or, sometimes, for the world;
  • Technology can be a useful tool for composing various forms of writing and media, including audio podcasts and video;
  • Writing should be authentic and allow students to make connections between school and the world outside of school;
  • Artistic elements and the concept of design play a role in the way that young people compose writing and other media;
  • Reading quality books and stories of various genres provide an insight into the writing process and allow students to reflect, connect and utilize critical thinking skills;
  • All students can succeed and improve as writers and readers and composers of multimedia.

If you want to see some assorted videos (including the documentary on our game of Quidditch), you can go here.