Main Topics

Introductions             Plot Development             Descriptive Writing             Writing Notebook


Imagine yourself in the future. What dream do you have for yourself? How will you make it happen? We use Google Slides to create versions of the dreams.

Some sample Dream ideas:

Adventure Story Project

  • Pictures tell a story: safari adventure
  • Conflict/Resolution in writing (puppet skits)
  • WriteSource 2000 – Plot development
  • Writing dialogue mini-lessons
  • Writing an adventure story – See the project overview (w/plot peak organizer, scoring rubric)

Listen to some excerpts from adventure stories:

Other activities:

  • Oral Storytelling (act out stories with keywords on note cards)
  • Writing Prompts: freewriting (throughout the year) You can view SAMPLES of WRITING PROMPTS here.
  • Intro into Weblog Technology
  • Read Aloud Plays (cooperative group)
  • Creating Writing Portfolio with goals, reflections, etc.