Main Topics

Introductions             Plot Development             Descriptive Writing             Writing Notebook


Imagine yourself in the future. What dream do you have for yourself? How will you make it happen? We'll use Photostory 3 and Microsoft Paint to create a short movie of your dream.

Some sample Dream Scenes:

The I Search Research Project
The I Search project is a way for students to use technology to explore a topic of interest, and to learn basic research strategies that will come in handy the rest of the year.

Adventure Story Project

  • Pictures tell a story: safari adventure
  • Conflict/Resolution in writing (puppet skits)
  • WriteSource 2000 – Plot development
  • Writing dialogue mini-lessons
  • Writing an adventure story – See the project overview (w/plot peak organizer, scoring rubric)

Listen to some excerpts from adventure stories:

Other activities:

  • Oral Storytelling (act out stories with keywords on note cards)
  • Writing Prompts: freewriting (throughout the year) You can view SAMPLES of WRITING PROMPTS here.
  • Intro into Weblog Technology
  • Read Aloud Plays (cooperative group)
  • Creating Writing Portfolio with goals, reflections, etc.