Sample Poetry Writing Prompts:

  1. Poem of Place — You write a poem celebrating some place.
  2. Shape Poems — You create two shape/concrete poems.
  3. Poetry Possibilities — Using a handout sheet, you write five different poems about one theme.
  4. Haiku – You write two haiku poems — one traditional and one non-traditional.
  5. Poem for Two Voices — You write a poem for two people to read together.
  6. Animal in Me — You compare yourself to some animal.
  7. Limericks – You write two limericks.
  8. Epitaph –  Tombstone poetry.
  9. The Raven — You draw an image from the Edgar Allen Poe poem.
  10. Poetry Marathon — You use all different styles of poems based on themes I provided.
  11. Inside This — You write a poem about an inanimate object.
  12. Freewrite Poem — You write a poem, any style.