Here are some possible writing prompts done throughout the year. Notebook writing is informal and often provides students with a way to write into the day or work on brainstorming, drafting and editing.

  1. Writing History — Write about a piece of writing from the past that you really enjoyed, and a piece of writing that you did not enjoy. And you explained why and why not.
  2. Vehicle of the Future — Create an illustration of a car of the future that does not run on gas or oil or any other fossil fuels. Your picture will use expository writing — labels and a sentence or so about your car.
  3. Short Story Titles — Brainstorm a list of three to five creative titles to possible short stories and then write a short story.
  4. Freewrite — Write what you want or to go back and follow up and finish a prompt.
  5. Design a Treehouse — You drew an imaginary treehouse and labeled the parts.
  6. Create a Character — You invent a fictional character that may be used in an Adventure Short Story project.
  7. Using Dialogue — Use two objects and write some interesting dialogue between them, using the techniques we talk about in class (new paragraphs, quotation marks, commas, etc).
  8. Reflection – Look back at your prompts and choose the one you liked best and explain why.
  9. Add An Adjective — I give you a boring sentence (The dog went into the store and bought a bone) and you rewrite it two more times, using adjectives for descriptive writing.
  10. Alien Discovery — You are an alien explorer who crash-lands on Earth and finds an unknown object that you investigate with your five senses.
  11. Draw This Monster — I read you aloud two short stories and you draw the monster that was described.
  12. Mad Scientist Lab — You diagram out the laboratory of a mad scientist.
  13. Forgotten Maps of Monsters — You create an entire map of a world, with a key, and then show locations of monsters from Monster Exchange. Finally, you wrote a journal of an explorer traveling in your world.
  14. Spiral Story — You write a story about something circular in the form of a circle — words spiral around. 
  15. Olde English — I give you a paragraph written in Olde English and you translate it into Modern English.
  16. Eponym — You create a product, name it after yourself and then write a brief description.
  17. Persuade Me — You write persuasive paragaphs on the merits of Quidditch (and later, on MCAS).
  18. Directions to the Party! — You give directions in an expository paragraph on how to find the party in the Norris School.
  19. Poem of Place — You write a poem celebrating some place.
  20. Haiku – You write two haiku poems — one traditional and one non-traditional.
  21. Poem for Two Voices — You write a poem for two people to read together.
  22. Freewrite Poem — You write a poem, any style. (6/ 11 )