The Electronic Pencil

Rationale: to allow students to use an authentic  publishing site that allows them to provide and receive feedback from other students and to showcase student work for families and the world.

Podcasting with Voicethread

Digital Storytelling 

Students use images, voice and technology to transform narrative paragraph writing into the script for a video.

Stopmotion Movie Magic

Rationale: to have students understand literary terms by storyboarding, writing and producing a short stopmotion movie on a literary them (such as protagnist, setting or conflict) and to publish to an authentic audience through a student movie collaborative known as The Longfellow Ten.

See more student movies at The Longfellow Ten

The Collaborative Crazy Dictionary

Rationale: to allow students to use a collaborative wiki in order to build a multi-year dictionary of made-up words (and integrate podcasting).

Pivot Stick Figure Animation

Using Webcomics for Writing

National Day on Writing 2010