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Words, Parts of Speech, Paragraphs and More ...

In this series of units, students will move from learning about the origins of words to the roles that words play in a sentence to writing strong paragraphs and then they will move into essay writing.

Origins of the English Language

Students will come to learn how words come into our language and then work to invent their own words and definitions by participating in a multi-year Collaborative Crazy Dictionary Project that utilizes a blog. See the Crazy Dictionary.


Students also use the concept of Eponyms (words named after someone) to create their own "inventions."

Parts of Speech

Students will come to better understand the role that a word plays in a sentence. Activities around Parts of Speech will engage them in critical thinking and use of words within the structure of a sentence. The final project will have students identifying Parts of Speech in their own writing. Download the project handout for more information.

Overview of Parts of Speech:

  • Madlibs
  • WriteSource
  • Grammar Rock Video
  • Poster Project
    • Adjectives
    • Adverbs
    • Nouns
    • Verbs
    • Prepositions
    • Pronouns
    • Interjections
    • Conjunctions
  • Writing song in style of Grammar Rock – record and post to Weblog

Video Game Design

In this technology/writing project, students learn the basics of designing a video game. They work to develop a game based on scientific concepts, and then publish their games to the Gamestar Mechanic community.
A look Inside Video Games

Writing Paragraphs

Although this is mostly a review for students, we will be working on writing strong paragraphs with a focus on structure: topic sentence - body of supporting details -- closing sentence.

Here are some activities:

  • WriteSource Overview
  • Expository
    • Giving directions for Norris/HRHS buildings
    • Writing the steps to how to do something
    • Sharing and posting to Weblog
  • Persuasive Writing
    • MCAS as requirement for graduation?
  • Descriptive
    • Describing Quidditch
    • Stuffed Animal Day
  • Narrative
    • Reading Mem Fox Wilfred…
    • Writing about object that has strong memories
    • Recording and publishing to Weblog

Memory Object Digital Stories use image, voice and narrative paragraph writing to get at a memory of something important.